Hi this is Tenaka and this site is dedicated to Windows Security, Hacking and Automation.


I'll demo what Windows Security features work against explicit types of attack and how the wrong configuration will let an attacker get a foot hold allowing them to pillage and plunder.  

​As a fan of automation there will be plenty of ConfigMgr, MDT and PowerShell for those inclined. Why point and click when it can be scripted.


Feel free to use the scripts and techniques but only after thoroughly testing and not for anything malicious. All the content on this site has been tested and should work as is, the steps are I hope clear and concise, however if there are any problems please email me using the form below.

Scripts can be found on Github @ https://github.com/Tenaka.


Pentesting stuff can be found @ https://tenaka.gitbook.io/pentesting (this is under development).

A word of warning always copy any script from the Internet into Notepad to ensure no hidden content. 

Here's a quick reference and results table for the tests carried out so far.

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