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MDT Installation - MDT, ADK and ADK PE (Part 2)

Part 1, covered deploying and configuring the required network services DHCP and WDS for MDT's PXE deployment services. 


Part 2 will take you through installing ADK, PE for ADK and MDT.

From an Internet connected client download MDT, ADK and PE for ADK

MDT Download

ADK and PE Download

Both ADK and PE for ADK download a small executable downloader of 1.8Mb, this is not the main content. Now run each of the downloaders and select download the files to a local folder saving to a different folder location.

Save ADK to C:\Logs\ADK

Save PE for ADK to C:\Logs\PE

Move the MDT, ADK and PE for ADK downloaded content to the MDT servers D:\Media.

Browse to the ADK folder and run adksetup.exe.

Update the installation path from C\; to D:\.

Select 'No'.

Select options:

Deployment Tools

Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD)

Configuration Designer

User State Migration Tool (USMT)

Grab a coffee whilst ADK installs.

Once ADK has installed move on to PE for ADK and execute 'adkwinpesetup.exe'

PE for ADK will default to the installation path of ADK with no option of changing.

Select 'No'.

There is only one option this time.

Complete the setup taking any remaining defaults.

Another coffee may be in order whilst the installation completes.

Lastly MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit_x64.msi

Click 'Next'.

Accept the licence agreement.

Update the path from C:\ to D:\

Select 'I don't want to join the program at this time'

Click 'Install'.

Click 'Finish'.

All the prerequisites for deploying Windows over the network have been completed. 


Part 3, the service account and share permissions are configured.

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