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MDT Installation - Boot Media (Part 7)

Part 1, WDS and DHCP network dependencies for installing Windows systems over the network were installed and configured. 

Part 2, MDT, ADK and PE for ADK were downloaded and installed.

Part 3, the service account and share permissions are configured.

Part 4, Custom Settings and Bootstrap.ini are created.

Part 5, Importing OS and Application media.

Part 6, Importing Packages and Drivers.

To successfully PXE (F12) a client the correct network and storage drivers are required. The in-built Microsoft drivers work a good deal of time, but not always. When the network drivers aren't in the Boot Wim for example the device may PXE but fail to identify network adapters.


All that OCD and work creating folders will start to be redeemed. With the separation by driver type adding the network and storage drivers to the Boot Media is a few clicks.

Navigate to 'Selection Profiles', right click and 'New Selection Profile'.

Provide a useful name 'WinPE_x64'

Select only the 'Network' and 'Storage' drivers for each model of hardware.

Do not add any other driver type, it bloats the Boot Media and can cause hardware support problems.

Accept the remaining defaults.

Navigate to the root of the MDT Share, right click and 'Properties'.

Select the 'Windows PE' tab and the 'x64' Platform.

Increase the 'Scratch Space Size' to 512.

Click on the 'Drivers and Patched' tab.

Select 'WinPE_x64' Selection Profile.

Ensure that only the Network and Mass Storage check boxes are selected. 

Click on the 'Monitoring' tab and check 'Enable Monitoring for this Deployment Share'.

OK and close the 'Properties' window.

Right click on the MDT Deployment Share and 'Update Deployment Share'.

Select the 'Completely Regenerate the Boot Image'.

Grab a coffee, its going to take a while.

Keep and eye out for any errors.

Review the output, if there are any unresolved problems, fix and regenerate the Boot Image.

Either type at the Run Command 'wdsmgmt.msc' or open 'Windows Deployment Services'.

Navigate to 'Boot Images' and right click, 'Add Boot Image...'.

Browse to the MDT Deployment Share, Boot and select the 'LiteTouchPE_x6.wim'. The files are created when the Deployment Share is updated and the Boot Images regenerated.

Click through.

Either except the default Image Name or update.

Wait while the import completed.

With the Boot Image added to WDS, PXE is now possible.

Part8, Creating the first Task Sequence.

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