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#Microsoft's Deployment Toolkit

Microsoft's Deployment Toolkit (MDT), is a great tool for developing automated Windows systems or Gold Images for ingest into ConfigMgr. 


MDT is standalone and free, it doesn't require an existing infrastructure, but can be used to build from a single server an entire Domain from scratch, google 'MDT Hydration Scripts'.  I find it great to supplement ConfigMgr in creating ZTI Gold Images and for systems where there is no existing infrastructure. 

#Guides provided by Microsoft

Here are the guides provided by Microsoft supporting MDT. There is very little benefit in rehashing the same information here, This site is all about leveraging MDT and Windows deployments, providing context on 'how to' ZTI Windows deployments and any gotchas.

#Tenaka's Guides to Deploy and Configure MDT Server

There's a series of articles for the installation and configuration of an MDT Server (here), it starts with the installation of DHCP and WDS.

#Deploy and Configure MDT Server with PowerShell by Tenaka

If a quick deployment is required try out my automated MDT deployment script, creates a fully functional MDT server is minutes. This even imports Windows 10 and creates a deployable image from a Task Sequence (here).

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