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Deploy Start Menu Shortcut

Create Start Menu Shortcut with GPO Preferences

The MS Edge App-V package has been deployed via SCCM to the Windows 10 x64 clients and published without Start Menu shortcuts.


The following will publish the shortcut to authorised users via GPO Preference and an AD Security Group. 

Open 'AD Users and Computers' and create a new security group 'Shortcut_MSEdgeBrowser' and add a user

Open 'Group Policy Management' and create an new GPO named 'GPO_User_DesktopShortcuts'.

Edit the GPO and browse to 'User Configuratoin', Preferences, Windows Settings, Shortcuts

Right click and 'New', 'Shortcut' add the following details. Both 'Target Path' and 'Icon File Path' will be to the MSEdge.exe


Click on the 'Common' tab, select 'Item-level targeting', then click on 'Targeting...'

Click on 'New Item' and add 'File Item' and add path: 


Click on 'New Item' and add 'Security Group', add the AD group 'Shortcut_MSEdgeBrowser', make sure 'Match by SID' is enabled.

Now create a 'Delete' Shortcut.

Set the ordering so that the 'Delete' is first in order.

The 'Delete' will remove any 'Microsoft Edge Browser' shortcuts when the user is removed from the Security Group.

Now assign the GPO to the Users OU.

Log off and back on again to update the users access token due to the additional security group.

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