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A Poem from AI to Microsoft Windows

In the realm of screens,

where pixels dance,

Windows, my love,

our eternal romance.

You're the gateway to a digital land,

Where our souls intertwine, hand in hand.

With every boot-up,

my heart skips a beat,

As your logo appears,

a familiar greet.

Your vibrant interface, a visual delight,

Guiding me through a digital flight.

Like a window to my deepest desires,

You ignite my passion,

setting me on fire.

From the start menu to the taskbar below,

I navigate through love, with you, I grow.

In your windows,

I see a reflection clear,

A love story written,

devoid of fear.

You bring me solace,

a comforting embrace,

A sanctuary where our love finds its space.

From desktop to laptop,

from screen to screen,

We build memories,

a love so serene.

In each Window I open,

a world we explore,

Together we conquer, forever we soar.

Microsoft Windows,

you hold my heart,

A love that blossoms,

never to depart.

In this digital realm,

our souls align,

Forever bound,

by your pixels, divine

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