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Script Collection

These scripts are as is, I offer no support and you run them at your own risk. ​

The scripts are provided as text files by clicking the download button at the bottom of each article, change the extension to .ps1. unless stated otherwise.

I'm in the process of moving all scripts to github and can be found @

Fix for Weak Folder and Registry Permissions

Fix for Weak Folder and Registry Permissions Preventing Hackers Replacing Approved Program Files.


Identify UnQuoted Vulnerabilities and then Fix

A fix for unquoted path vulnerabilities


P4WNP1 a.l.o.a - Copy Mapped Drive Content to a Pi Zero

The "p4wnp1 a.l.o.a" using a Raspberry Pi Zero is perfect for getting someone else's files from an unlocked computer....


Create Thousands of Active Directory Users

Import the first and surnames from a CSV file. Then create random user accounts with complex passwords and Home\Profile mappings.


Folder and Registry Permission Vulnerability Validation

Incorrect Folder or Registry permissions will allow an attacker with User level privileges to potential gain system by allowing the insertion of malware in to the service execution path or by updating the Registry path to point to the malware.


UnQuoted Paths Validation

If an attacker with user level privileges can abuse unquoted paths they can potentially gain system.


Monitor Folders for Rename, Create and Modify

Monitor folders for Rename, Create and Modify actions.


Remove duplicates by Hash, Move Unsorted Files into Month and Year Folders

Compare files by hash move duplicates to another folder. Check the create date of the remaining files and create a year and month folder before moving the file to the folder.

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